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As the wave of flash mini-games sweeps through the online casino world, a few nuggets are already standing out in this new trend. Titles that are remarkable for their simplicity, their lucrative potential, and above all for the creativity shown by their developers. Teleport ticks all of these boxes to keep the player entertained and excited for hours! It is this option that we have decided to focus on this time, with, as usual, a full review containing its features and functionality, details of its gameplay and our post-test impressions.
Min. Bet$0.2
Max. Bet$1,000
Max. Win$10,000
What is the Teleport casino game?

What is the Teleport casino game?

Teleport is a production of Swiss supplier Upgaming, a brand with growing influence in the casino gaming industry. The developer spices up the concept of flash mini-games somewhat by opting for a fantasy theme. It's the story of Dr. Alistair, a nutty scientist who has managed to unlock the secrets of quantum physics and harness space-time. This amazing discovery gives him the ability to teleport from one space-time portal to another, hence the name of the game. The scientist's goal (and yours as well) is to access a universe harbouring treasure, but the venture is not without danger, as not all portals are secure...

This is precisely where your intervention is required. You must guide Dr. Alistair step by step through the portals, like an airport switchman, with the difference that here the subject disappears to reappear at the indicated destination. His safety depends on you, because if he lands at the wrong portal, flames will automatically shoot out to reduce him to ashes. How you will find the right portals to your destination, we do not know. What we do know, however, is that if you succeed, you will win big.

The mini-game interface

The Teleport mini-game interface is dark, and the action takes place on overlapping rows of rock platforms where the portals appear. Indicators about the current game appear at the top right of the game screen, while at the bottom you'll see settings buttons. These are used to specify your bet and configure the game to your liking. The graphics are of a remarkable quality here, with a nice time loop effect on the portals. The sound effects are also up to scratch, enough to keep you captivated for a while.

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How to play the Teleport mini-game?

How to play the Teleport mini-game?

To play Upgaming's Teleport mini-game, nothing could be easier. You just have to choose a reliable platform, sign up, credit your account with a sufficient balance, and off you go! Here's how to do each of these steps.

Find a reliable and trusted online casino

This is invariably the first thing you need to do if you want to enjoy online casino entertainment, whether it's on the Teleport mini-game or any other option. Unfortunately, there have been several cases of scams, non-payment of winnings, rigging, data hijacking, etc. in recent years, and it is imperative that you guard against them. To do this, you need to check that the platform of your choice meets and complies with certain criteria and conditions of quality and reliability.

First of all, it must hold a valid accreditation, granted by an official body recognised as an authority in the casino industry. Licences from the jurisdiction of Curaçao are the most common, but there are also the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Lotteries and Gambling Authority, the Belgian Gambling Commission, etc. Casinos usually mention their license at the bottom of their online pages or in their "about us" section, but don't hesitate to visit the official websites of the aforementioned bodies to check that your establishment is registered there, as a guarantee of legality. Certifications from independent auditing bodies are also a plus, as they guarantee that the casino follows all the rules in terms of fairness and quality.

You can visit player forums to find out more about the platform. There you might discover valuable insights into its reputation and the overall experience it offers. Once at the casino, check that the payment methods and terms are suitable for you to easily withdraw your winnings, and test the customer service to see if they are competent and responsive. Finally, read through the site's general terms and conditions as well as those relating to bonuses and promotional offers to see if they are suitable for you before you go ahead.

We fully appreciate that this verification process is not the easiest thing to do. To save you all that work, our team has identified some of the most trustworthy, secure and honest online casinos for you here on this website. Their customer support service is also impeccable. In short, you can sign up, deposit money and play with peace of mind. You are in good hands.

Deposit money

With these checks done and your choice made, you now need to create a player account and credit it. The registration processes on modern online gambling platforms are usually quick and easy to complete. You will need to fill in some identifying information (name, address, age, email, etc.), and ideally have your identity verified by providing documentation (passport, invoice, etc.). Once the account has been created, simply go to the dedicated section and choose the corresponding options to deposit money. By doing so, you could even enjoy a sign-up bonus.

Access the Teleport game

With money in your player account, you can now access the Teleport game and show off your guiding skills. Go to the mini-games section of your online casino to find the title, and click on its icon. You shouldn't have any trouble recognising Dr. Alistair, a bald 60-year-old man in a white coat with a broad smile and a plasma pistol. Are you ready to follow him on his crazy adventure? Remember that his life is in your hands as it is up to you to tell him where to appear. So your role is very important!

Earn money

The game is very simple here. First you have to choose the amount of your bet from the available options. They range from €0.2 to €1,000, so this is suitable for all types of punters, whether they like to take risks or not. Keep in mind, however, that your potential winnings at Teleport will be proportional to your bets. This is because a scale of multipliers is applied to the course, up to 730.9x. We have calculated that by betting €14 and selecting the appropriate game mode, it is possible to win the title's €10,000 jackpot. This is obviously not an easy task, and it will require a long and rocky road, as with all games of chance.

If you don't feel brave enough to go to these extremes, no problem! You can still end up with a nice jackpot on the Teleport game, by betting carefully, but also and especially by using the Cashout button. This command, which is activated as soon as the game is started (red sticker), gives you the possibility to withdraw your winnings at any time. If you feel that the journey to a new portal is too risky, you can simply click on it to withdraw your winnings at that point in the game. If you don't use the cashout and land on a bad portal, you will lose both your stake and any potential winnings amassed up to that point during the attempt.

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What are the features of the Teleport game?

What are the features of the Teleport game?

As we said above, this Upgaming production stands out brilliantly among the flash minigames flooding the market at the moment. This is due to the successful mix between fantasy and science that the gameplay offers, but also to a number of features that help make the experience almost unique.

2 game modes

On Teleport, you do indeed have the option to play in two different modes. The first contains two levels of 9 tiers each, with multipliers spread from 1.19x to 8.06x and from 1.49x to 127.31x respectively. Here, each tier has 4 to 6 portal slots. The second mode contains 5 levels with 13 tiers each. The multipliers range from 1.04x to 2.83x, 1.1x to 8.96x, 1.16x to 32.25x, 1.24x to 137.04x and 1.32x to 730.9x respectively. There are between 8 and 20 gate slots per tier. You can choose any of the tiers in either mode, and of course the value of the potential gains varies.

Red areas

The portals to avoid, also known as red zones because of the eerie reddish glow that emerges from them, appear in varying numbers depending on the game mode you choose. You cannot know their exact location until you have completed the game, even if you use the 'Random' feature, which will move the doctor randomly. Only if you win or fail will all the red areas on the screen be revealed.

Customising the playing field

You have the ability to customize the playing field to limit the risks to your liking. So, depending on the mode and level of play you choose, you can change the amount of dangerous portals present on the tiers. There is 1 per tier in the first level of the Teleport casino mini-game mode 1, while there are 2 per tier in the second level. For mode 2, the number of them ranges from 1 to 5 depending on the level. Keep in mind though that the level of risk is proportional to the potential winnings.

Chat between players

This is a social feature already present on many mini-games. It gives the player the ability to communicate in real time with other Teleport fans. In other words, all those who play this title on the same casino as you will be reachable via this forum. This generally allows you to relax and chat while playing, to get to know each other, and even to share your experiences and tips as a player. It also gives the opportunity to escalate a complaint more effectively, if necessary.

The chat window, located in the lower right corner of the interface, is overhung by statistical tables that allow you to track the progress of not only your game, but also those of several other players, with values of bets and winnings to match. With real-time data, you can try to observe and establish a game plan that works to pocket the maximum winnings.

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How to earn money on Teleport?

By ''making a game plan'' we do not mean a strategy that guarantees you wins every time on the Teleport casino mini-game. This is impossible, as the game is entirely based on the luck factor. However, you can try two methods that have proven to be effective and will more or less ensure that you end up with a positive balance after your game.

The martingale

The martingale is definitely the most famous strategy used in gambling. The method involves betting double the amount of the previous bet if you lost the previous bet. To illustrate, if you bet €1 on Teleport, and Dr. Alistair gets burned, bet €2. If you lose again, bet €4, and so on until you finally win. If you follow this principle correctly, you should get back all your money lost during the series, as soon as you win the first time. Once this is done, you can go back to the initial €1 bet and stick with it until the next loss.

You can also try the reverse martingale technique, known as the Paroli system. This will involve doubling your bet amount after each win. The aim is to take advantage of a "lucky" streak to maximise your profits as quickly as possible. However, you have to be careful to set limits on how much you can win so that you don't overextend yourself and risk a big loss. With either martingale technique, you need to have a substantial balance to go the distance. The series of exponentially valued bets can indeed require several tens of times your initial bet.

Pyramid technique

To apply the so-called pyramid betting strategy, you should opt for the game mode with the maximum number of portals, and try your luck in a gradual way. In concrete terms, if you win on the first level, withdraw your prize. In the next round, go to the second level and withdraw again, and so on. If you lose, start again from the first level. According to many players, doing this greatly reduces the chance of running into red zones.

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Is the Teleport game reliable?

As far as we know, there have been no player complaints about the reliability of Upgaming's Teleport mini-game yet. The developer ensures that its title is only found on audited and certified establishments. In addition, the game uses Provably Fair technology from the blockchain. This technology offers an encryption algorithm with SHA-256 hash, which is known to be impossible to decode or bypass. The best part is that with Provably Fair, you can use your server's seed to verify that the red zone distribution is indeed random. To do this, simply use a third-party verification platform like In any case, if you encounter any problem, don't hesitate to contact your platform's customer service team to expose your doubts.

What is the RTP of the Teleport game?

The payout ratio mentioned on Teleport as well as on the official website of the developer Upgaming is 99%. One rarely offers better in this matter in the casino-gaming industry, the average being 97%. Moreover, the title has a low volatility. All the ingredients are therefore present to allow the player to win easily and quickly.

Play for free at

Want to experience everything we describe in this Teleport mini-game review first hand, and without taking any risks? Well, you can with the free demo version available on The experience is authentic, the only difference being that here you will have a fictional balance and pocket equally fictional winnings. You will be able to test the gameplay as well as the features described, observe the ratio of bets to multipliers applied, etc., in order to get your own idea of the title.

The free accessible version will also allow you to apply and master the game strategies presented above. We always advise players to try out the games on offer in demo mode, to be well prepared before jumping into the real money mode. Rest assured, the demo version proposed here is the same as the one available on the official Upgaming website. As a bonus, you will find here a lot of additional details to know everything about the functioning of Teleport Casino.

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Teleport available on mobile and tablet

If you're too busy to have time to sit down regularly in front of a PC and enjoy your Teleport games, mobile gaming is an alternative. Whether you're on public transport, in a queue, walking down the street, whatever the time, you can get in on the action from your smartphone and/or tablet. Simply visit your online casino via the mobile browser and follow the same process as on a PC. With just your finger, you can make the various settings and guide Dr. Alistair through the portals. The game has been adapted for smaller screens and retains all the graphics and sound quality that players enjoy on PC. On mobile, the gameplay remains immersive, and the functionality remains the same as the PC version.

The game is now available for mobile devices.

Our review of the Teleport casino game

With its Teleport casino mini-game, Swiss developer Upgaming does a pretty good job of standing out from the growing competition in this video game segment. Its production is attractive from every point of view, whether it is lucrative or immersive. The simplicity of the gameplay and the wide range of bets available make the game even more accessible, and once immersed in the discreet but catchy graphics and sound effects, one can easily spend hours juggling between the portals. We obviously recommend trying Teleport, which breaks the routine of the mini-game experience and is definitely worth a look.

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